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Eagle XG Slim Glass Substrates | LCD Glass Substrate for Evolving Displays | Corning

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EAGLE XG? Slim Glass Substrates

Corning? EAGLE XG? Slim Glass
Substrates for LCD Displays

Corning? EAGLE XG? Slim Glass Substrates

Industry-leading LCD glass substrates for evolving displays

Emerging Applications Drive Increased Demand for Thinner, Lighter LCD Display Panels

Corning? EAGLE XG? Slim Glass substrates enable panel manufacturers to innovate for thinner, lighter, and more environmentally conscious display panels. EAGLE XG Slim Glass delivers dimensional stability and exceptionally clean, smooth, flat surfaces – qualities essential to the successful manufacturing of LCD displays. ?

The glass composition includes no added heavy metals, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing. EAGLE XG Slim Glass also features exceptional thinness, helping panel-makers reduce or completely avoid the potential environmental and health hazards associated with panel thinning.

EAGLE XG Slim Glass is available in 0.25 mm up to Gen 5.5, 0.3 mm up to Gen 6, 0.4 mm up to Gen 8.5, and 0.5 mm up to Gen 10.5 to enable thinner, lighter, and curved display panels.?

The Story of Corning? EAGLE XG? Slim Substrates

From advantaged glass compositions to larger, thinner, and lighter substrates, Corning’s fundamental technology contributions have been essential to the birth and ongoing development of the display industry. To learn more?view our innovation timeline.