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Fitness Mirror Prototype at CES? 2017 | Advanced Glass Technology | Inspired by Glass | The Glass Age | Corning

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Inspired by Glass

Inspired by Glass: Fitness Mirror Prototype at CES? 2017

Corning’s Fitness Mirror prototype, debuted at CES? 2017, enables the complete fitness experience on one surface

Do you ever wish you had a complete workout package – on-demand content, real-time biometric updates, nutrition plan, and personal trainer – all in one? With Corning’s Fitness Mirror prototype, which debuted at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, your fitness experience can now be more interactive and immersive.

Travel back to CES? 2017 with “Inspired by Glass” host, Maddie Gionet, from Corning to get a view of the interactive Fitness Mirror enabled by Corning’s advanced glass technologies featuring Beachbody? On Demand Content. Bill Bradford, chief digital officer at Beachbody?, joins Gionet to explain the benefits of the Fitness Mirror technology for the fitness industry.

“You have an experience like this providing you direct feedback while you’re working out – it goes way beyond putting a DVD into your TV and then just working out in your basement.”

- Bill Bradford, chief digital officer, Beachbody?

“The biggest New Year’s resolution is ‘I want to lose weight; I want to get in shape,’ but only 8 percent of people stick with their resolutions,” said Bradford. “What the fitness industry is doing right now is trying to use data to make a two-way conversation between the customer and the workout to inform a better experience to keep you engaged and in the game.”

Comprised of a mirror display with Corning? Gorilla? Glass optically bonded to the surface for a durable layer of touch interactivity, the Fitness Mirror provides access to Beachbody? On Demand content, as well as nutrition guides and a workout tracker to measure your results over time. The augmented reality camera built into the mirror acts as a personal trainer, providing feedback to perfect your Warrior pose or sink deeper into your squat. The mirror can also sync with an athlete’s personal wearable device, delivering real-time biometric updates for his or her workout stats.

“It really makes it [the fitness experience] much more immersive,” Bradford commented on the technology. “You have an experience like this providing you direct feedback while you’re working out – it goes way beyond putting a DVD into your TV and then just working out in your basement.”

While Corning showcased its mirror display in a fitness application, the possibilities for a large-format display such as this are limitless. Imagine having one in your home and dialing into a physical therapy session or using one in a mall for a personal shopping experience – with Corning’s advanced glass technologies, the possibilities are endless!

Watch the full “Inspired by Glass” segment for more.